Automatic Bill Counter

Automatic Bill Counter

Automatic Bill Counter

Feelteck manufactures automatic bill counters that are designed with various functionalities and capabilities. Among its functions are value counting, sorting, and counting. It can accurately and easily count the bill quantity with single or mixed denomination.

If you are in the industry of large business, using our automatic bill counting machines can help you save time. It will also help you save from costly process.

At Feelteck, we offer a wide range of designs and sizes based on your requirements. You can also request to customize your brand logo to skyrocket your business.

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Features of Automatic Bill Counter

Multi-currency Capabilities
Multi-currency Capabilities
_Counterfeit detectors
Counterfeit Detectors
Can print serial numbers
Can Print Serial Numbers
Can count worn-out bill
Can Count Worn-out Bills
Detachable dust collector
Detachable Dust Collector
UV light sensors
UV Light Sensors
Low noise
Low Noise
Value counting
Value Counting
Orientation sorting
Orientation Sorting
Automatic self-inspection
Automatic Self-inspection
Rotatable display
Rotatable Display
Standard Specification
Power Consumption Maximum of 75W
Counting Speed Over 1000pcs per minute
Size of Countable Pages 110mm to 190mm
AC Current Maximum of 0.35A
Detection Function UV, MG, IR
Counting Function Add or Batch
Optional Accessories USB upgrade port

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Also, you can train in our factory Support files and videos for training are available Also, we keep improving the software for free with the machine's lifetime
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