Coin Rolling Machine

Coin Rolling Machine

Coin Rolling Machine-FEELTECK

Feelteck coin rolling machines are designed with individual and total sum counting functions. It helps you in saving time from tedious counting tasks. Our coin rolling machines are guaranteed to provide fast and accurate counting performance.

With Feelteck coin rolling machines, you can avoid incorrect deposit amounts and miscounted coin wraps. It is designed with multiple options and large screen for convenient use. Rest assured that these machines will help your business to improve productivity.

  • Can count up to 1500 coins per minute
  • Available in manual or electric operation
  • Up to 1000 coins hopper capacity
  • User-friendly design

Counting Modes

  • Continuous counting
  • Batch counting
  • Bagging
  • Wrapping
Counting Modes
Counting Modes

Suitable for Different Coins

  • Pennies
  • Nickels
  • Dimes
  • Quarters
  • Dollar coins
  • Tokens
  • Half-dollars

Grow Your Business With Feelteck

Also, you can train in our factory Support files and videos for training are available Also, we keep improving the software for free with the machine's lifetime
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