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  • FT-300

FT-300 Counting Machine

  • Counts up to 1400 bills per minute
  • Top-loading large hopper that can hold 400 banknotes
  • Offers value counting
  • UV and MG counterfeit detection methods
  • Heavy-duty, rugged, and robust construction
  • 1 to 999 programmable batch presets
  • 1-year warranty including labor and full parts

Main Advantages

Our FT-300 Counting Machine is specifically designed to save your time from hassle manual cash counting jobs. It offers lots of advantages including:

Value calculation – the value count function of our FT-300 will use the denomination you have selected to calculate the overall value of the bills. You can activate this function using the Add mode of the machine. With this function, you can count bills with a variety of denominations while keeping a record of the total value.

Chain, half, and double note detection – our FT-300 counting machine is designed with infrared sensors to detect different bill discrepancies. Thus, you can assure that it can detect double, chain, and half notes. When detected discrepancies, the machine will stop counting and alert you with an error type on the LCD screen and a beeping sound.

State-of-the-art counterfeit detection – these machines are manufactured with magnetic and UV sensors to detect counterfeit or fake bills. When the machine detected a fake bill, it will stop counting. The fake bill will be dispensed in the stacker part of the machine where you can remove it. Once removed, you can press the start button, and the machine will automatically deduct the fake bill value from the overall total and start counting again.

User-friendly design – we manufacture these machines with a smart bill density recognition system. This eliminates the machine’s time-consuming stops. The innovation of our FT-300 is designed with a back-loading mechanism and an easy-to-use hopper loader. It is also designed with an ergonomic handle for easy transportation to another workstation.

Machine Operating Modes Batch Mode

Add Mode

Count Mode

Add + Batch Mode

Auto Start Yes
Error Detection Half Note

Double Note

Chain Note


Error Alert Audio Alert System

Visual Alert on the LCD Screen

Display Type 2.8” TFT Display
Counting Speed Up to 1400 notes per minute
Capacity of the Hopper 400 bills
Capacity of the Stacker 250 bills
Batch Range 1 to 999 (can be preset with your own count)
Dimension 279x267x206mm
Net Weight 4.5KG
Options Remote
Power Consumption Apr. 80W
Power Requirements 110-220V

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Also, you can train in our factory Support files and videos for training are available Also, we keep improving the software for free with the machine's lifetime
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