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FT-400 Money Counting Machine

  • Commercial-grade
  • Large hopper with 400 bills capacity
  • Advanced counterfeit detection
  • Heavy-duty construction and high performance
  • Programmable batch presets
  • 8” TFT LCD screen
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

Main Advantages

We guarantee that our FT-400 can provide reliable, accurate, and high-speed for your cash counting jobs.

High-Capacity and Quick Counting

The machine is designed with a large top-loading hopper with 400 bill capacity. It also has a 250-bill stacker capacity, allowing the machine to count up to 1400 bills per minute. Therefore, allowing you to save time and focus on your business while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Accurate and Reliable Counting

FT-400 can count the total bill quantity according to the denomination you have selected. It also counts the total breakdown of the banknote value. With its variety of counting modes, you can ensure accurate and reliable counting.

Error Detection

The infrared sensors integrated into our FT-400 allow the machine to detect different errors such as chain notes, half notes, and double notes. The display will show what type of error it detected and alert you with a beeping sound.

Counterfeit Detection

We design FT-400 counting machines with magnetic and UV sensors to detect counterfeit bills. You can remove the suspected fake bills in the stacker. The machine will deduct the counterfeit value from the overall total bill value.

Convenient to Use

With its back-loading mechanism, rest assured that the machine can provide a smooth counting process. This eliminates time-consuming stops when loading bills for additional bill counting.


Designed with a built-in handle, our FT-400 is easy to transport when used on another workstation or traveling. It also has a compact structure that will fit small countertops and constrained spaces.


Equipped with 4 Different Operating Modes

To ensure easy counting and user-friendly function, we manufacture FT-400 counting machines with 4 different operating modes including:

  • Count Mode
  • Add Mode
  • Batch Mode
  • Add + Batch Mode
Equipped with 4 Different Operating Modes
Model FT-400 Counting Machine
Batch Mode Preset Range or Set from 1 to 999
Speed 1400 banknotes per minute
Hopper Capacity 400 notes
Stacker Capacity 250 notes
Screen Type TFT Display
Screen Size 2.8 inches
Dimension 11.0-inch (W) x 10.2-inch (D) x 8.1-inch (H)
Net Weight 14lb
Remote Display Optional
Warranty 1-Year

Grow Your Business With Feelteck

Also, you can train in our factory Support files and videos for training are available Also, we keep improving the software for free with the machine's lifetime
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