• FT-60C
  • FT-60C
  • FT-60C
  • FT-60C
  • FT-60C
  • FT-60C
  • FT-60C
  • FT-60C
  • FT-60C
  • FT-60C

FT-60C 6+1 Channel Coin Counter Machine

  • Counterfeit detection
  • Latest alloy sensor technology
  • Identifies denomination automatically
  • Sorts denomination into different pockets
  • High-counting speed
  • Large hopper capacity
  • Metal structure
  • Longevity (up to 5 years life service)

FT-60C 6+1 is a coin counter and sorter machine with an excellent counterfeit detection method. It can also detect the material, diameter, and thickness of a metal coin using its eddy current sensor. Therefore, you can be assured that it can recognize sheet metals, counterfeit coins, and foreign coins automatically. These machines are capable of sorting 6 different kinds of coins. You can pre-program the denomination of the coin for automatic and non-stop coin counting and sorting. Detected foreign coins will be put into the rejected coin tray.

Alloy Sensor

With its advanced alloy sensor technology, you can be assured that our FT-60C will provide high counting accuracy.

Low-noise Operation

We manufacture FT-60C with noise reduction technology. Thus, providing a more comfortable and quieter environment.

Easy to Maintain

Our FT-60C is designed with a tilt sorting rail. This makes our machine easy to clean and perform regular maintenance.

Software Updates

You can easily update the machine’s software using a USB port. If there are new coins issued, you just let the machine read the new coins and send the parameters to us. We will use those parameters for updating the software.

Comes with a Pre-Sorting Tray

You can purchase our FT-60C with an optional pre-sorting tray. These trays allow the hopper to extend its capacity to hold up to 2,000 coins. You can also sort out screws, clips, and other foreign items on the tray.


These machines is suitable with external printer, external display, coin tubing sets, and can be connected to a computer.

How Our FT-60C Works?

Our FT-60C 6+1 channel Coin Counting Machine is capable of identifying, sorting, and counting almost 20 coin denominations. It also has a reject pocket where detected foreign and counterfeit coins are disposed.

The coins will be sorted by the machine based on their diameter using its 6 channels. Smallest coins will be sorted into the 6th channel while the largest will be sorted out in the 1st channel.

Foreign and fake coins or tokens will be sorted into the reject pocket.

How Our FT-60C Works?
Precautions When Using the Machine

Precautions When Using the Machine

  • Use the machine’s power cord according to its configuration
  • Before moving the machine to another workstation, make sure that the cord is unplugged
  • Do not use the machine under direct sunlight
  • During the operation, do not put your clothes, tools, or hands into the machine’s hopper to prevent malfunction or personal injury
  • Do not open the cover when using the machine

How to Take Care of the Machine?

  • Make sure that you unplug the machine’s cord when performing daily maintenance
  • Clean the sideboard and rail once a day
  • Clean the hopper and machine’s disc using a brush once a day
  • Please contact us or any local supplier if the machine needs spare parts
How to Take Care of the Machine?

Model FT-60C
Sorting Speed Up to 600 coins(15mm) per minute
Hopper Capacity Up to 600 coins
Extended Hopper Capacity Up to 2000 coins (with pre-sorting tray)
Connectivity RS232 for PC port

RJ45 for LAN port

External display

USB for software upgrade

Available Currency 33 currencies
Counting Modes Mixed Counting

Single Denomination Counting

Batch Counting

Power Consumption 60W
Machine Dimension 510mm (L) x 280mm (W) x 320mm (H)

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Also, you can train in our factory Support files and videos for training are available Also, we keep improving the software for free with the machine's lifetime
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