• FT-90C
  • FT-90C
  • FT-90C
  • FT-90C
  • FT-90C
  • FT-90C
  • FT-90C
  • FT-90C

FT-90C 8+1 Channel Coin Counter machine

  • ECB Approved
  • Sorts up to 9 coin denominations
  • Rejects foreign coins
  • Counterfeit detection
  • 40 currency software
  • Fast and accurate counting
  • Ideal large coin volume handling
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 2-year warranty
  • Professional engineering support

Our FT-90C 8+1 Channel Coin Counter Machine is capable of handling up to 9 different coin denominations. It excels at identifying and rejecting foreign coins, counterfeit coins, tokens, and more. We have designed specialized software for 40 different currencies around the world. Therefore, our machines are a versatile choice for swift and accurate counting and sorting of large quantities of coins.

Comes with a Standard Pre-Sorting Tray

Our FT-90C is available with a presorting tray. Using this tray, the machine’s hopper capacity can extend up to 3600 coins. It can sort foreign items from the coins such as screws, clips, and more.

Alloy Sensor

Using the advanced alloy sensory, you can guarantee that our FT-90C can provide the highest counting and sorting accuracy. It also provides 100% reliable counterfeit coin or token detection.

Noise Reduction

Feelteck FT-90C offers low noise operation ensuring a quiet and comfortable working environment.

Low Maintenance

These machines are guaranteed easy to clean with their tilt sorting rail. It can also be opened with rear access for regular maintenance.

Available Options

  • Software update
  • External printer
  • External display
  • Coin tubing sets
Model FT-90C 8+1 Channel Coin Counter Machine
Hopper Capacity 2000 coins

Extended Capacity: 3600 Coins

Countable Coin Size Thickness: 1mm to 4mm

Diameter: 14mm to 33mm

Counting/Sorting Speed Up to 600 coins per minute (depending on coin size)
Counting Modes Mixed Counting

Single Denomination


Connectivity RS232 for PC Port

RJ45 for LAN Port

USB for Software Upgrade

External Display Port

Power Consumption 60W
Machine Size 672mm (L) x 312mm (W) x 511mm (H)

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Also, you can train in our factory Support files and videos for training are available Also, we keep improving the software for free with the machine's lifetime
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