FT-D200 Money Detector

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Suitable for USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, HKD, SGD. CNY etc Easv banknote feed in all directions
  • Battery supported operation(Option)
  • Banknote exit direction from the front and rear
  • Automatic detecting with MG(magnetic analysis).IR(paper quality analysis), SIZE(size analysis) & RGB(image
  • LCD Display: We designed FT-D200 with a large LCD display that can provide real-time results.
  • Portable: These machines are manufactured with a compact design to make it portable and easy to carry.
  • Accuracy: With its advanced sensors, you can be assured that the machine can provide 100% accuracy in scanning the banknote’s authenticity.

Designed to provide maximum protection against counterfeit currency, our FT-D200 is an essential machine for your business. It has a user-friendly interface and rapid processing capabilities that make it a perfect choice for high-volume cash handling. It supports a multi-currency function with a durable and long-lasting design. Rest assured that our FT-D200 can provide you peace of mind and confidence to conduct your transactions.

Cutting-Edge Counterfeit Detection

Our FT-D200 money detector is designed with advanced counterfeit detection methods including:

  • UV
  • MG
  • IR
  • WM
  • DD
Cutting-Edge Counterfeit Detection
Ideal for Different Applications

Ideal for Different Applications

With its rapid processing capabilities, our FT-D200 can scan banknotes for high-volume cash handling applications including:

  • Banks
  • Retail stores
  • Casinos
  • Shopping mall
  • Supermarkets, and more

Grow Your Business With Feelteck

Also, you can train in our factory Support files and videos for training are available Also, we keep improving the software for free with the machine's lifetime
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