• FT-D300
  • FT-D300
  • FT-D300
  • FT-D300
  • FT-D300
  • FT-D300
  • FT-D300
  • FT-D300

FT-D300 Rechargeable Lithium Battery Money Detector

The FT-D300 guarantees a one-stop solution for your reliable, accurate, and fast counterfeit detector machine needs.

  • High-speed machine
  • Detects up to 999 notes
  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Red flashing and beeping alerts
  • Operate with confidence
  • Easy to use

Main Advantages

Time-Saving – Rest assured that our FT-D300 can provide high-speed, accurate, and reliable counterfeit detection. It has an auto-feeding system where you can load the bills so the machine can scan them in any direction. You can also choose from its 2-way exit feature. This allows you to save time for your business and increase productivity.

Monitor and Keep Track – We designed FT-D300 with an LCD screen that will show an on-screen report. This allows you to keep track of and monitor the status of counting and detection. The 3” display will show the following:

  • Total bill counts according to its denomination
  • Total bill value by denomination
  • Overall total bill value
  • Errors during the counting and detection process

Business Protection – You may want to have peace of mind when dealing with large amounts of cash. Thus, we offer the FT-D300 rechargeable lithium battery money detector that scans bills in just 0.5 seconds to verify their authenticity. It will flash or beep when the machine detected fake notes and bills.

Accuracy and High-Speed – These machines can count bills and notes up to 999 pieces without any interruption. The accurate and high-speed function of our FT-D300 will allow you to focus on your business without worrying.

Heavy-Duty – We manufacture these machines using powerful motors to ensure heavy-duty performance even when used all the time.

Easy to Maintain – The sensors of our FT-D300 is easy to clean with just alcohol and cotton.

Guaranteed Satisfaction – As a professional manufacturer, Feelteck offers FT-D300 with easy-to-read manual, updated software, USB key, and adaptor plug. It also comes with 1 year warranty against defect. Feelteck also offers lifetime tech support.

State-of-the-Art Counterfeit Detection

Feelteck offers FT-D300 with advanced counterfeit detection that accurately and automatically scan bills to verify their authenticity through different method including:

  • UV
  • Magnetic
  • Infrared
  • Double Note
  • Size detection
  • Double Dimension
  • Watermark and Color detection system
State-of-the-Art Counterfeit Detection
User-Friendly Functions

User-Friendly Functions

-The machine has DIR/CUR button if you want to select the currency of the bill. You can also long-press the button if you wish to the bill’s exit direction to change.

-Our FT-D300 also has CLR/REP button to show the on-screen reporting. You can also use this button to switch total value or total count by denomination on the screen. To reset the count, use the same button, press, and hold.

Extensive Applications

Our FT-D300 rechargeable lithium battery money detector that is suitable for different industrial setting including:

  • Small business
  • Shops
  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Banks, and more
Extensive Applications
How FT-D300 Scans Different Bills

How FT-D300 Scans Different Bills

USD Notes. You can use the magnetic block of the machine to scan USD notes. This will align the notes in the proper position. Therefore, the feeding gap will be reduced so the bills are scanned properly.

EUR Notes. Remove the magnetic block when scanning EUR notes so there will be enough space for the bills.

  • Scans 2 currencies including USD and EUR for authenticity
  • 2-way exit (Back of the machine or feeding hopper)
  • Automatic feeding system
  • Automatic power off when idle for over 5 minutes
  • Scans bill with 4 different orientations
  • Sleep mode
  • Power-saving
Model FT-D300
Display Size 3 inches
Detection Speed 0.5 second per bill
Adapter Power 100-240V
Dimension 6.1-inch x 5.4-inch x 3.2-inch
Net Weight 1.82 Pounds
Battery Type Lithium Battery (500mAh 11.1V 5.55Wh)
Package Content 1 x FT-D300 Rechargeable Lithium Battery Money Counter

User Manual


Power Adapter

Magnetic Block

Rechargeable Battery

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Also, you can train in our factory Support files and videos for training are available Also, we keep improving the software for free with the machine's lifetime
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