• FT-V80
  • FT-V80
  • FT-V80
  • FT-V80
  • FT-V80
  • FT-V80
  • FT-V80
  • FT-V80
  • FT-V80
  • FT-V80

FT-V80 Money Detector

1. 2 megapixel image sensor
2. Large size photosensitive sensor

3.Low distortion infrared lens High pass filter assembly

4.Highlight LED light source Multi group lens combination Multi light source and angle·HD Preview
5. Accurate wavelength Easy to operate·Multiple Detectors

7-Inch LCD Screen

Our FT-V80 is designed with a rotatable LCD screen up to 90 degrees.

Light Indicator

We designed these machines with LED light indicators to indicate which counterfeit mode is functioning during the operation.

Built-in Cameras

The FT-V80 model has two built-in cameras. One is for displaying the banknote’s whole image. The other one is for magnifying and checking partial banknote images. These cameras are designed with non-distortion properties, allowing for a clear checking.

Advanced Counterfeit Detection

These machines can detect counterfeit documents and notes through different methods including IR 850nm, UV 365nm, white light, and MG.

20x Magnification

It has a camera that can magnify up to 20 times to ensure detailed checking.

Rear Slot

Our FT-V80 is designed with a rear slot that serves as a passage for A4 documents.

Image Capture

This machine is capable of transferring the captured security images through your personal computer using a USB.

Grid Plate

The grid plate of the machine is used to check the size of the banknote or document.

Automatic Sleep

Our FT-V80 is designed with an automatic sleep function when idle for 5 minutes. Therefore, you can assure that it is energy-saving.

Power Requirements Input AC: 100-240V

Output DC: 12V/3A

Detection Method UV Light

UV Micro-printing

Watermark Detection

Infrared Micro-printing

MG Detection

Micro Perforation

Infrared Image Detection

KIP Effect

Blinking Infrared

Optical Variable Ink Detection

Intaglio Printing

Machine Dimension 268mm (W) x 193mm (D) x 223mm (H)

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Also, you can train in our factory Support files and videos for training are available Also, we keep improving the software for free with the machine's lifetime
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