How Bank Tellers Count Money

For most tellers, counting money is a daily routine. However, adopting an efficient and accurate ways to count money is very critical.

Let’s explore some ideas on money counting in banks.

How Bank Tellers Choose Money Counting Technique/Method

Multiple things influence the choice of the money counting technique. Some are for your attention include:

  • Amount of Money – How much money do you have at hand that you want to count?
  • Task Timeframe – When do you need to finish the money-counting task? If you need to do it quickly or have sufficient time.
  • Money Type – Are you going to count the coins or bills?

These factors greatly affect the choice of the money counting method.

Techniques That Bank Tellers Use To Count Money

There exists a number of methods that bank tellers often use to count the money. Some of the key ones that you need to consider are:

Tally Counting

You can refer to tally counting as the manual method of money counting. In this method, the bank teller counts each bill/note or coin individually. The outcomes of this method completely rely on human attention.

The pros and cons of the Tally counting are as follows:


  • In tally counting, the bank teller can count or inspect each coin or bill individually. This way, the bank teller can check the statement against weal and counterfeits.
  • Tally counting is highly effective when you need to deal with a smaller cash quantity
  • It does not require any special equipment


  • When dealing with a large amount, tally counting can lead to errors as it totally relies on human
  • Tally counting consumes a lot of time and leads you to face slower transaction
  • Not suitable when you need to count the higher volume of coins or bills

Stack Counting

You can define stack counting as counting that takes place in stacks. The bank teller arranges each currency in predefined quantities in stacks. To understand better, consider this example: to count $100, the bank teller arranges 10 bills of $10 in 10 stacks. Similarly, 5 tabs of $5 in 10 stacks, and the process moves on.

Stack of Coins
Stack of Coins

Consider some pros and cons of Stack Counting right below:


  • There is less chance of error in comparison to the tally-counting
  • You can deal with smaller to moderate quantities of cash at your convenience
  • This method of money counting is faster than tally counting


  • Not suitable for dealing with a very large amount
  • When you have a mixture of coins and bills in money. This method is not suitable
  • Depends on the skill and ability of the bank teller to form stacks

Machine Counting

Unlike Tally and Stack counting, machine counting is a fully automatic process. It does not involve any human intervention and can deal with a larger sum of money. There are two types of machine counters. Find insights on each one down below:

Coin Counters

The main function of the coin counters is to count coins. The coin counter machine does this task quickly and accurately.

Coin Counting Machine
Coin Counting Machine

Bill Counters

Bill counters play a key role in counting the currency notes. You can count letters on stacks by placing them in the bill counter machines.

Bill Counter
Bill Counter
  • You are not going to expect any error with the bill or coin counters
  • The machine counters are super fast and do not take much time while counting the huge amount.
  • You can count coins as well as bills using the machine counters
  • Higher initial investment and recurring maintenance cost
  • Frequent and periodic calibration requirements to contribute to accurate functioning

How Bank Tellers Enhance Money Counting Skills

Bank tellers can adopt these practices to improve or enhance their money-counting skills:

· Regular Practice

Practice makes you perfect; you can count different amounts on a periodic basis to master yourself. After regular exercise, you can get familiar with the multiple currencies and accurate counting.

· Double Authentication

Double authentication in counting is essential and a key to retrieving any mistakes. It will make sure that you do your job right.

· Using Right Technique/Tools

Choose the right tool and technique for counting the money. You cannot use the coin counter for bill counts. Choose depending on the factors mentioned above.

· Careful Dealing with Details

Paying attention to the details helps you point out different numbers and denominations. It also allows you to have a keen eye on crucial things. This way, you can avoid errors and mistakes while counting.


By adopting the best money-counting technique, tellers can enhance efficiency and reduce possible errors. For your money counting machines, contact us now.

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