Mixed Money Counter

Mixed Money Counter

Mixed Money Counter

Mixed money counter can be used for counting bills regardless of denomination. Therefore, you don’t have to presort each denomination. It will also save your time by not having the money to be counted separately.

At Feelteck, we manufacture mixed denomination bill counter with color image sensor. This technology allows the machine to scan each loaded bill. With its bill-recognition software, the machine can easily recognize the bill denomination as well as its totals and tallies.

Feelteck offers these machines with customized sizes and models depending on your needs. We can also customize it with your logo to boost your brand.

Advantages of Mixed Denomination Counting Machines

  • Can read mixed bills automatically compared to single money counters.
  • Capable of dividing different denominations. For example $1, $2, $5, and more
  • Provides 100% accurate counting

Features of Our Mixed Money Counter

Pockets. Feelteck designed mix money counter with single or two pockets. Thus, you can assure perfect and precise counting.

Built-In Printer. Our mix money counter is designed with printer so you can print the bill’s serial number.

User-friendly. This machine is guaranteed to have easy-to-use panels for a professional-level counting speed. It is also easy to set-up, thus, saving your time and money.

Counterfeit Detection. The counterfeit detection features of our mix money counter to prevent you from receiving fake bills. Thus, providing a sense of security for your business. It can detect counterfeit money using different methods such as UV, MG, and IR.

Automatically Detects Bill. When placed in the hopper, the bills will be automatically detected by the machine. This feature does not require pre-setting of information.

Mix Bill Counting. This feature allows the machine to count the value of each money. It also accurately adds the money according to each denomination.

Display. The final amount and tally of each bill is displayed on the panel.

Fast Operation. You can choose from different speed mode including 800/1000/1200 bills per minute depending on your needs. With this feature, you can assure less cash handling time.

Portable. This machine is handy, convenient, and has a compact structure. Thus, you can carry it anywhere you need it.

Warranty. We offer mix money machine with up to 3 years warranty.

How It Works?

Our mixed money machine has a bottom front stacker that will hold and arrange clean bills. It supports continuous feeding for faster counting. After counting, you can remove the money from the exit tray and your job is fulfilled.


Difference Between Mix Money Machine and the Usual Money Counter

Below are the differences of the two machines:

Function. The usual money counter only counts currency with only one money denomination. It also detects counterfeit using only MG method. On the other hand, mix money counter is developed based on the currency. 1 currency is developed using 1 software.

Price. You can expect that mix money machine is much expensive than usual money counter due to its rich features.

Ease of use. Mix money machine is easy to use compared to other usual money counter. It does not require manual sorting and arranging of denominations.

Hopper Capacity. Usual money counter can accommodate up to 300pcs. However, mix money counter can hold up to 1000pcs if integrated with external ears.

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Also, you can train in our factory Support files and videos for training are available Also, we keep improving the software for free with the machine's lifetime
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