7 Types of Money Counting Machine in the Market

When you are dealing with very large sums of money, you may have the challenge of frequently counting them manually. You are bound to make a lot of errors in the counting and tallying in addition to taking u much of your time and effort.

This is where you require a money-counting machine to ease such challenges. They greatly reduce the time required in counting in addition to eliminating counterfeit currencies.

Types of Money Counting Machines

We have very many types of money-counting machines each with its unique features. We can have a closer look at some of the commonly used types in the market:

1. Basic Money Counting Machines

They are considered as some of the most affordable types of machines since they are simple and straightforward. The purpose is solely counting of currency in the form of banknotes.

One of its major features is the absence of counterfeit detection features or any form of value counting. We mostly recommend these for use in small businesses or even for simple home usage.

Basic Money Counting Machine
Basic Money Counting Machine

2. Advanced Money Counting Machine

This type of machine is designed with additional features and is a bit complex compared to the basic type. Besides just counting notes, they are able to detect any counterfeit currency and carry out value and batch counting.

Such machines are recommended for use in businesses dealing with a fairly high amount of cash. The companies also require accuracy in handling the money and security to weed out counterfeit dealings.

3. Mixed Denomination Money Counting Machine

The design of this Money Counting Machine is in such a way that it can count different banknote denominations. Usually, they have the unique ability to count while sorting various kinds of denominations at the same time.

This leads to reduced effort and a lot of time saved. These machines serve their purpose best in large financial institutions and forex exchange firms.

Mixed Denomination Money Counting Machine
Mixed Denomination Money Counting Machine

4. Note and Coin Counting Machine

We have machines in the market that have the ability to count currency in both notes and coins. They efficiently handle both currencies by first counting and then sorting them.

Additionally, they are mostly used in businesses that frequently handle huge amounts of notes and coins. Perfect examples are large casinos, product vending machine firms, and even coin slot machines.

5. Coin Counting Machine

These machines purely count coins and can either sort them after counting or leave it at the count. Alternatively, the coins can be counted after they have been sorted but the catch is they will have to be the same size.

The working principle is a simple bowl containing a spinning disc. In their design, the disc is normally flat and is used in the distribution of the coins at the bottom of the bowl.

The coins go through one at a time through a slit opening on the edge of the bowl. They are counted by a light-beam counter when they pass through them.

Coin Counting Machine
Coin Counting Machine

6. Currency Discriminator Counting Machine

The design of these machines is in such a way that they have sensors that detect each single bill based on its value. Besides, they sort the bills into different stacks each having a single type of denomination.

They are normally applied in Automated Money Dispensers (ATMs) to dispense various types of denominations at a go.

Currency Discriminator Counting Machine
Currency Discriminator Counting Machine

7. Count-by-weight Machines

The cash is counted by these machines by placing them either in bundles for notes or in cups and bags for coins. The money is assessed and the weight compared against an average weight data for each individual data in its system.

It is a smart system that can easily adjust to the variations in the currency weight. Sometimes currency may contain excess dirt or even be torn but the machine adjusts to counter the difference in weight.

Count-By-Weight Machines
Count-By-Weight Machines


If you need accuracy in counting huge amounts of cash while being efficient, then the Money Counting Machine is your best solution. Taking your time to choose the best machine will save you a lot of time, and give you the best money management while providing security against counterfeits.

Besides that, using it is very easy and requires very little training to operate. With such efficiency and accuracy, more sales are bound to be made.

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