Bill Counter Price – How Much Should It Cost?

When it comes to bill counting machine prices, there exist many variations.

In fact, it will not be practical to give an exact figure for a bill counter price. A reason we will give a prices range. Then go further to explore factors contributing to this variation.

Bill Counter Machine Prices

Money Counting Machine
Money Counting Machine

In most cases, the bill counter price ranges from 35 USD to 850 USD. Well, this seems to be a very wide range. The variation is due to the varying features and functionalities.

Remember, any extra feature or design, ultimately changes the money bill counter price.

Factors Determining Bill Counting Machine Price

At times, you may find fully automatic bill counter prices to be 10 times higher than the others. Well, there are many factors that determine the price of a single.

Remember, most Central Banks have a series of security features on their legal tender to counter fraud. All these features can easily be detected by the bill counterfeit machines.

These security features may include:

  • Color-shifting inks
  • Security Thread
  • Paper material, currency size, and texture
  • Microprinting using superfine text
  • Crisp printing and fine borders
  • Security ribbon

Here is the deal:

A machine with basic features (counting bills), will be more affordable unlike one that can detect or sort bills while counting. Ideally, the features in each machine bill-counting machine determine the ultimate prices.

Parts of Money Counting Machine
Parts of Money Counting Machine

Money counting machines have many features such as:

  • Money counting capability
  • Sorting bills
  • Bill counting modes – you may have free count, single count, or mi count
  • Counting speed
  • Rejection method
  • Money detection capability

Other factors such as brand, design, and model also play an integral role when determining the unit price.

In short, the capability and features are key factors that determine the bill counter price. As a rule of thumb, machines with advanced features are more expensive than those with very basic features.

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