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The bill-counting machine is one of the miracles that science has produced. Different types of bill-counting machines have been developed to improve and design the money counter. The statements counter ranges from the simple to the complex counter. The machines perform the task of counting the notes at the average speed and the high speed in counting. Some of these devices are utilized for the image processor by detecting the currency. The amount of features the detection of the fake notes running at a very high speed. The devices and techniques are costly and applicable in various areas like the money exchanges, the banks, and the merchants in the market.

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Bill Counter and Sorter
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Banknote Value Counter
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Bill Counter

Model: FT-2040

LCD display

FT-2040 with clear LCD display, which will change to RED color when Alarm is, so the machine Alarm will have a sound and display Alarm so that the user can easily note it.


  • With MG detection(optional)
  • With UV detection(optional)
  • Display Change RED when Alarm
  • With double-/half-/chain-note detection
  • With batch/add functions

Bill Counter Machine

Most devices currently allow for significant improvement with the high technology in the microcontroller unit (MCU). This has allowed for the application of the whole structure of the bill counter machine. It is vital to understand that the current version of the bill counter fully utilizes the sensors and the microcontroller unit. The design of this machine aims at becoming low cost, thus the need for the counter machine with the detection of the counterfeit bills that fully utilize the microcontroller unit that is ARM Cortex- M four-thirty two-bit. The version of the microcontroller unit three point two as a card of the prototype card has been used along with the ARM Cortex thirty-two processor.

The part of the mechanical in the bill counter machine consists of the roller having the rollers. This has some continuous patterns on the rollers that allow for the movement of these rods at a, particularly fixed speed. The lesser receivers and the transmitters are used to detect the notes by stopping and starting the operation of counting every note. There is the application of ultraviolet, magnetic, and infrared, among the other features that aim at the maximum detection of a counterfeit note. This allows the results to indicate on the LCD screen as the device stops counting if it detects the fake note. The product appears at a very high speed on counting, assuring one hundred percent of the accuracy in the process of counting and detecting counterfeit notes.

The Theory behind the Bill Counter Machine

This device aims to ease the task of counting the banknotes on the loose collection and the piles of notes. The bill counter machine aims at either note counting sorting or notes checking the status of the notes. They do not only count the bill for indication of the total number of the bill, but they also assist in the process of detecting the counterfeit of the notes on the face of the advanced technique of the forgery features like copying, printing, and the electrical methods of the scanning technology.

The first bill-counting machine recorded was invented in the year nineteen fifty-eight in China. This bill counters machine made by just a tiny banker named Zih Tian Sie to ease the manual process of the bill counting process. This and the other inventions led to his winning many trophies and later died at the age of thirty. This led to the loss of his model until the recent rediscovery of the same when it was torn down at his home. This has therefore led to the discovery of intelligent bill counters for the detection of counterfeit, the basic note counter, and high-speed heavy-duty cash counting machines that allow for the suit of the different needs of the customers.

These bill counter machines are highly dependable and can be used for small details or large enterprises like the banks or stores. These enterprises range from banks, small or big business houses, retailers, traders, jewelry stores, or any other place that allows for money exchanges. With the innovation and the advancement in the level of technology, there has been an emergence of bill-counting machines that allow for various methods of printing, thus detecting fake notes. This aims to separate the counterfeit from the genuine money.

The earliest application of fake note detection applied the light’s ultraviolet rays for detection purposes. The detection aim of ultraviolet light detect the kinds of inks that are only visible under ultraviolet detection. Due to the slow speed of this method, there became the introduction of the NI-IMAQ. It applies the polarization that depends on the principle that the currency is not made of paper. However, it is a blend of paper, cotton, and linen.

In addition, the three types of trees that the money is made from are known as Balsam figures. They are composed of a high level of cellulose. Cotton is one of the purest forms of cellulose. This indicates that the currency is composed of a high-level amount of cellulose. However, the other components used in the process of making money lead to the polarization angle. Therefore, the level of the polarization angle of the petition that is close to the cellulose along the arc obtained through passing the lesser through the unique currency made of the extraordinary validation of the actual money from the fake or the forged notes.

The Theory of the Bill Counting Machine

The operation of the bill counters operates on the theory of the breadth of the pack of the money on the money pack. A rod has the rods of the continuous way of the cylinder that moves the rods at the specified speeds. This speed is constantly set and remains stable like in the ATM for the counting having the cylinder moving on the pack of money on one on one on a firm speed. This finds the level of the funds and the amount of cash passing through the device.

The Theory of the Counterfeit Money Detection

Due to the difference in the diversity of the money, there are different features on the foreign currencies. The varied density watermarks, fluorescence, micro text, intaglio printing, kin grams, holograms, and the Isocheck are fiber-based certificates for authenticity.

The Setting of the Bill Counter Machine

The bill counter machine is designed to count the notes and detect the fake ones. The whole system is designed at the control of the microcontroller unit based on the ARM processor. Therefore, the bill counter machine allows for the packing of the money in bundles. The roller that usually comes with the penises on continuous patterns and the rollers allows for the constant movement of the rods. The speed at which the rollers move the rods at a specific or particular speed thus the notes count at a very high speed thus counting fast compared to any manual operation. The speed at which the rollers move allows for the direction of the money at the same rate. Therefore, the rollers allow for the movement of the bunch of the capital. This facilitates the movement of the single bill one by one at a continuous and high speed. An added feature detects the number of single currencies that pass to the front of the device.

To detect the counterfeit, the counterfeit detectors installed in the bill counter machine usually determine it. The ultraviolet Detector is used to determine the fake note created on the printer or the copier. It allows the production of the image resting on the surface of the paper. By the use of the ultraviolet rays placed on top of the paper, this is determined quickly. The authentic money prints on the optical fiber. The papers used to make the fake notes are thicker than or the real money.

  • The proposed system of the bill counting machine
  • The structure of the hardware
  • The hardware structure

The proposed system of the bill counter machine is supposed to have the following parts. All of the features are equally important in the structure of the money counter.

1. Micro Controller

The microcontroller part is responsible for controlling all the operations that take place in the bill counter. The teensy three points two microcontrollers have a tiny bit of the arm processors that are used in the process of the control and managing all of the processes

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2. Counter Circuit

The counter circuit is usually user-friendly on the interface allows the control of all of the operations and allows you to read the results. It comes on a digitalized screen, a button for pushing, a resistor, and the IC CD4033

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3. AC Motors

The system comes on the motors on the alternating current that allows for the rotation of the money in counting and detection.

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4. Mechanical Parts

It is composed of the rollers on the rods that come in a continuous pattern. The rollers allow for the movement of the rods at the specified and fixed speed.

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5. Optical Sensors

These sensors are responsible for the detection of every note that passes through it. It facilitates the alert of suspicious notes by either stopping or placing them in the reject pocket for further inspection.

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6. Ultraviolet Light and the Detector

The ultraviolet rays allow for the detection of fake notes and suspicious ones in the process of counting.

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The Process of the Algorithm of the Bill Counter

The algorithm counter was designed out of the use of C++. This accompanies the integrated development environment (IDE) utilized in the program of uploading into the MCU.


The system has been tested and approved for the process of counting the actual bills. One hundred notes from the Turkish liras and the ten fake Turkish liras as used in the process of determining the device’s performance which led to positive results. The process is determined by mixing the genuine and the counterfeit bills at the entrance of the device. The machine started the function of the counting, and on the detection of the fake bills, the device stopped for the collection of the bill, and the counting process continued. The main idea determined the ability of the bill to counter differentiating the distinct features in the bills.

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Most of the bill counter comes with preset features that determine the kind of denomination that you desire to count. However, some of the brands come with complex features that facilitate counting bills from more than one denomination. This is determined by the size of the business and the type of currency that you hold most of the time. For the small dimensions of the company, one can use the ordinary bill counter machine.

The Use Manual of the Bill Counter Machine

This part comes with critical information based on the safety measures and the operational features of the bill counter. You need to read it very keenly and, if need be, preserve it for future reference. The process of preparing the bill counter, one of this part allows for the information about the Cassida fifty-five twenty to be indicated clearly. The brands of Cassia Fifty-five Twenty are a series of bill counter machines that are a bit complicated by very easy-to-operate money processing machines. They assist in saving your time and eliminate the errors related to counting through precise and swift counting bill stacks at a speed of twelve hundred notes per minute. This brand allows you to add up all the totals by batching the required amounts on separate piles.

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All of the features stated come with different quality of counterfeit detection. The detection usually uses ultraviolet ink and the magnetic model of the detection. The brand is used on considerable money-changing units like banks, gas stations, groceries, retail stores, car washes, nightclubs, bars, movie theaters, restaurants, and any other place that deals with cash. Cassida fifty-five twenty apply to any business size aimed for the accurate and effective counting of the bills.

The Front View of the Cassida Fifty-Five Twenty

  • The control panel
  • Stacking rollers allow for the transfer of the counted bills to the stacker
  • Stacker stores the bills that counted
  • Stacker sensor alerts for the presence of the bills in the unit of the stacker
  • The Hopper sensor is usually alert in case of the bills in the hopper
  • Hopper holds the bills that await the counting
  • A retractable handle is helpful for the carriage of the counter
  • The rear parts of the cassia fifty-five twenty
  • A power switch that usually used to turn the power on or off
  • Port offers an optional display to the remote control
  • The feeding gap control or the adjustment screw these screws are adjustable according to the thickness of the bills that are narrow for the new notes and wider for the worn-out ones.
  • The power fuse and the outlet that allows for the connection to the power

The Control Panel of the Cassida Fifty-Five Twenty

The BAT or the ADD for switching between the batching, adding, and simple counting modes

The keypad used to enter the quantity of the custom batch

Ultraviolet or ultraviolet and magnetic detection for the counterfeit

Start that allows for the start of the counting process

Value assists in the process of the mode of counting the value of the bills

Essential and Important Points to Consider

In the process of using the Cassida fifty-five, twenty, or the related brand, the following types of safety precautions should be adhered to for good maintenance.

Please avoid the use of the product in areas that are prone to liquids like water.

Make sure that the device is not plugged into the wall outlet while cleaning it. Clean it using a damp piece of cloth or the accessories designed to maintain the same. These are Cassida Clean Pro cleaning products or the Cassida air duster.

Avoid the disassembling of this unit to avoid the risk of electrical shock. This is because the disassembling leads to exposure to safety risks and dangerous voltages. The wrong process of reassembly causes the electric shock on the subsequent use of the appliance.

If your device requires repair or service, take it to a reputable and qualified technician. Avoid repairing the parts. It would be best if you considered well-reputed and competent personnel in the area.

Consider the use of the power cord supplied with the unit. Ensure that you plug the power cord into the wall outlet. Avoid the removal of the ground pin from the cable of the power. If the power cord is not grounded correctly, a fire or a very severe injury is the result.

Ensure that you install the device on a flat surface. Minimize the utilization of the bill counter in areas that experience high levels of humidity, temperatures, or smoke. This condition reduces the chances of the level and the speed of the operation of the device.

According to the design of the bill counter machines, they are meant for use in properly ventilated areas for the efficient operation of the device. Ensure that the device stores away from the direct rays of the sun or the strong magnetic fields. The exposure interferes with the way the device sensors detect counterfeit bills.

If you are not using the money counter for an extended period, disconnect the device from the power on the wall.

Getting Started1. Power Up

Ensure that the hopper capacity is empty and the switch to the power is put on. This will allow for the self-checking through the spinning of the counting wheels severally. If the display indicates ‘0’, it shows that it is ready for the counting process.

2. Loading the Hopper

It is vital to load the hopper properly and correctly to avoid the jams and the speed-ups of the operation process of the counter.

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3. Carrying the Unit

  • Grasp the handle
  • Pull the handle upwards

The Operation Modes of the Bill Counter Machine

1. Counting Modes

After turning on the bill counter it usually, defaults to the counting mode. If the device is on the other way, press the BAT and ADD buttons until the indicators on both of them turn off. For the process of counting the bills to start, place the bills in the hopper. The bill counter will automatically begin the process of counting the bills. The bill moved to the stacker from the hopper as counting proceeds. The method of counting the bill counters proceeds until the hopper runs empty, where the machine emits a beep sound for confirmation. Then the number of the counted bill is displayed.

Therefore, consider removing the counted money from the stacker and adding bills to the hopper. The screen automatically clears itself from the previous counts before starting the counting of the freshly placed bill. If you want the device to count the additional bills, add to the hopper but make sure that you do not exceed the amount that the stacker can hold. If the stacker is overloaded, there might be an occurrence of the jam, leading to the motor’s failure.

2. Batching Mode

Activation of the batch mode is done by pressing the BAT or the ADD button until the indicator for the batch turns on. If you desire to change the batch amount, consider using the numeric keyboard to enter the amount you wish. When you place the bills on the hopper, the unit will automatically start the process of counting. When the unit completes counting the desired batch number, it stops and emits a beep sound for confirmation. The number of the bill is indicated on the screen for the counted batch. If the stacker emptied, a fresh set starts to count as previously preset.

If the number of the bill placed on the hopper does not reach the desired batch number, the screen alerts you by blinking the actual number of the counted bills. This allows you to add more bills on the hopper if you want to complete the batch. The unit automatically proceeds to calculate until the pack is full.

However, you can opt for a change in the quantity of the batch. If you want to change the amount of the bunch, wait until the current batch is over. Using the numeric keyboards, enter the desired batch number or the quantity. Be sure to empty the stacker before placing the new bunch of money on the hopper. If the previous batch opens, the device starts counting the new set of the pack on an emptied stacker.

3. Add Mode

This Mode allows you to count multiple bills as you maintain track of the total amount of the bill measured. To switch on add mode, either press the BAT or the ADD until the ADD indicator turns on. Place the bill on the hopper. Automatically the process of counting starts with the tabs placed on the hopper. On the completion of the counting process, the bill counter emits a beep sound. The LCD screen displays the number of the bill that has been counted.

Therefore, refill the hopper after emptying the stacker. In the continuous addition of the bills on the hopper, the bill counter keeps on adding the new count to the current total. You can proceed with placing more bills on the hopper in case you do not want to empty the stacker. However, ensure that the stacker is not overfilled as it causes the jam that later results in the motor failure. Therefore, you need to empty the stacker if it is partially complete. Most of the stackers on the bill-counting machine hold three hundred of the new bills and one hundred and fifty of the old bills.

4. Batch+ Add Mode

The Add and the Batch modes batch the desired monitors and bills quality, thus running the tabs’ total at the same time. To activate the Mode, press on the ADD and the BATCH until both the BATCH and the ADD indicators turn on. Enter the desired number of the batch on the device by the use of the keypad. The machine, therefore, starts adding the set batch beginning from the next bunch of the bills placed on the hopper. The total bill number counter appears on the display of the LCD. In case of an incomplete BATCH, the LCD screen blinks as it indicates the current number of the counted bill.

5. The Value-Counting Mode

The Mode of value counting allows for displaying the value of the total bill that was counted. If you want to achieve this Mode:

  1. Press the VAL button, thus allowing for the lighting of the value-counting Mode.
  2. If you desire the brand of the models of the fifty-twenty ultraviolet models, enter the value of the denomination you choose on the keypad.
  3. If you, however, have the model’s bill counter machines of the fifty-five-twenty of the magnetic and the ultraviolet, consider the selection of the desired denomination of the multiplier. The denomination range might range from one, two, five, ten, twenty, fifty, and one hundred dollars.

Repeatedly press the VAL button until the proper denomination is shown on the lowermost display screen on the left side. After the selection of the desired denomination, load the bills on the hopper for counting. Make sure that your selected account matches the denomination chosen. The bill counter machines of the fifty-five twenty count the value as they display the total value of the bills on the screen. An excellent example of the value-counting Mode of the bill money counter is that a denomination of the twenty-dollar time’s twenty-five bill once counted displays the five hundred.

6. Value Counting and the Add Mode

The Mode of value counting and the add mode allow counting the different amounts of the bills tracks and the denomination for the total value of the estimated bills. To activate this Mode, press on the BATCH/ ADD button until you see the indication of lighting of the ADD. Then, press the VAL button until the VAL light indicator illuminates. With the clearance of the previous counts, you can begin the new session of counting.

For the bill counter machines of the fifty-five thousand and twenty ultraviolet machines, consider entering using the keypad the desired denomination. This allows the selected denomination to appear on the screen. The values of the denomination usually change at the time using the keypad. The deal starts with the value calculated using the newly set denomination. This process, therefore, runs according to the set value on the keyboard.

On the five thousand five hundred and twenty ultraviolet models and the magnetic brands show for the denomination according to the one hundred, fifty, twenty, five and one dollar order on the screen. These bill counters allow for the counting process from the highest denomination value to the lowest denomination value. For you to change the denomination value, press on the next lower value pushing the VAL button. The process of the calculation of value starts using the set denomination. After completing the operation of the counting, especially for the lowest denomination, take the record of the information that you have gathered. After you have recorded the information, press the VAL button until it reaches zero to reset the bill counter. To know whether the reset process has been effective, the indicator on the VAL light turns off. This allows for the clearance of the tallying session and starting of the new approach of the counting.

Features of the detection on the bill counter machine

1. The counterfeit ultraviolet detection

The bill counters machines like the five thousand brands check for the fake bills by applying ultraviolet light. The function is always available in all of the modes. This Mode activated by pressing on the ultraviolet or the ultraviolet magnetic button until you see the indication of the ultraviolet light appears on the screen. If the bill counter detects the suspected bill, it beeps twice and stops the process of counting. This leads to the flashing message of the ultraviolet on the screen. This keeps on alerting the operator until the action taken on the bill counter. Therefore, once the bill is removed, the count proceeds as the suspected note for further inspection by pressing the start button.

The counting unit starts again without adding the fake bill to the bunch of money. Like any other brand of the bill counter machine, the brand of the cassia five thousand, five hundred and twenty checks for counterfeit. Due to several reasons, this brand and the related version cannot recognize the genuine bill as real or fake. These reasons include excessively worn-out or torn bill, direct exposure to the sunlight, excessive accumulation of dust and dirt, or high levels of counterfeit techniques used in producing the bill. Some of the equipment is required for the determination of the genuineness of the bill.

2. Magnetic Counterfeit Detection or the Ultraviolet Magnetic Mode Only

The bill counter machines like the Cassida five thousand, five hundred and twenty ultraviolet magnetic detectors check for counterfeit bills using the inks of the magnetism. These links of magnetism apply to most of the currencies in different places in the world. The function is available on all of the available modes. To activate this Mode, press the ultraviolet magnetic button for the toggle between the two detectors. To put on the ultraviolet and the magnetic modes the indicator of the device for it to be turned or switched, on or become enabled to facilitate detection of the bills placed in the bill counter. On the detection of the suspected bill, the unit beeps and then stops to count.

The magnetic message is displayed on the screen. The process of the alert proceeds until action takes place. If you want to continue, remove the bill, which becomes the last one on the stacker, and press the start button. The unit starts counting again without adding the suspected bill to the count. Note that this bill counter, like any other device with various detection features, is present in the current market. These brands usually guarantee the bills are counted as genuine and the counterfeit bills. Several reasons contribute to the accumulation of dust and dirt, the worn-out bills, and the excessive exposure to the sun’s rays. This calls for the incorporation of various features for the effective detection process.

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3. Double Note Detection

Bills usually stick on each other due to them being brand new, accumulating dirt, and various folding styles. Incorporation of the technology based on infrared light helps in determining two notes that have stuck together. The feature activates automatically on all of the modes in the bill counter. If the unit detects the double note, it beeps and stops counting the bill. DBL message then displays on the screen. Alert continues until the user takes action. Remove all the bills from the stacker to clear out the error. This allows for an automatic reset of the bill counter. All of the bills were placed on the hopper for the recounting process to start. The double note detection on the add mode allows for adding and automatically collecting the total number of bills on the screen. Consider moving all of the bills in the stacker to the hopper to recount.

4. Half Note Detection

Some of the brands on the bill counter machines like the Cassida five thousand five hundred and twenty come with the additional feature of infrared light sensor technology to allow the user to know when a half note pass through the counting mechanism. The modes are automatically activated to enhance the convenience of the bill counter. This machine produces the beep sound and stops on the detection of the half note. This is followed by the HLF display of the message on the screen. Consider moving the entire bill from the stacker to the hopper for the recounting process. The half note detection is possible in the Mode of add. While in the add mode, cassida five thousand five hundred twenty brand facilitates continuous counting through an automatic collection of the total number of the counted bills on the screen. Move all of the bills from the stacker to the hopper to recount.

5. Chain Note Detector

This brand uses self-checking systems to alert you on the rare cases of notes that are passing through the bill-counting mechanism at the same time. This feature is activated automatically on all of the modes. If the chain note is detected, the counting stops, and a deep sound is emitted. A Chn message displays on the screen. The error is corrected by moving the bills from the stacker to the hopper to recount. While in the add mode, the unit allows for the continuity of the counting by correcting the total number of the bills that count on the screen. In case of the occurrence of the chain note, move the entire bill from the stacker to the hopper to recount.

The Maintenance and the Troubleshooting

1. Maintenance

Before cleaning the bill counters, disconnect it from the power and turn the whole unit off before you clean it. Be cautious in cleaning to rid of the chance of electric shock in the process. Consider using a dump piece of cloth or specialized cleaning equipment for the bill counter. Regular care and maintenance improve the function of the operation. Therefore, the common measure of the upkeep on the bill counter machine increases the lifetime of the money counter. This minimizes the repair cost and thus extends the warranty period of the bill counter.

The various problems associated with the bill counter can avoided effectively in the following two processes.

  • Ensure that there are no rubber bands or metal clips on the bills about to be counted
  • Ensure that you follow the proper procedures on the process of the loading of the hopper by referring to part two, point two of the loading the hopper

To obtain a positive result from the bill counter, the following precautions are recommended for regular maintenance measures.

  • Use the Cassida air duster and the brush with the soft bristle to remove the dirt, dust, or debris from the interior part of the bill counter
  • If you do not use the bill counter for extended periods, use a dump cloth or a plastic sheet to cover the device from the dirt and dust from settling into the interior parts of the bill counter.

Trouble Shooting

The display of the error messages, their causes, and the solutions

  • There is a sign labeled two ‘u’ that indicates that the counterfeit bill was detected.
  • The sign indicating the ‘mg’ shows that the unit detected a counterfeit bill.
  • The error that indicates the ‘DPL’ suggests that the last bill was a double note.
  • The error that indicates the ‘HLF’ means that there was a half note detected.
  • The error indicating the ‘Chn’ means that two or more notes passed simultaneously throughout the unit.

All the above errors are dealt with by removing the bills from the stacker and placing it on the hopper. The rejected bill is not incorporated into the total value of the bill.

  1. The ER 1 and the ER 0 mean that the counting sensors have collected dust.
  1. ER 2 This might indicate two errors that have two different solutions. The first one is that the stacker has the bills. Please remove them and allow the machine to do the complete self-check. The second indicates that there might be possibilities for the counting machine to have corrected the dust.

Consider cleaning the sensor using compressed air and the soft bristle brush. This method of resolving the error only applies to ER 0, ER 1, and ER 2. You can also recount the bill to improve accuracy.

NOTE that these might not appear like the actual signs on the bill counter as on the screen; the letters appear as if they are broken.

In some of instances, the bill counter might not function after the unit has been turned on. Ensure that you connect it correctly to the source of the power.

If the bill counter does not detect the fake notes, the detectors might have dirt and dust.

Sometimes, the number of counts in the stacker becomes less than the ones that are placed. This means that bills were not placed on the hopper properly. In most cases, the feeding gap is vast, and the brand-new bill is placed on the hopper for counting. This is the case as their thickness is very different from the other notes. The thickness of the used and the worn-out bill notes are automatically added to the bill counter. Therefore, if you are counting the new bills, adjust the feeding gap through the adjustment screw by moving it clockwise and restarting the counting process. Keep on changing until the opening fits the notes.

The jammed bills usually turn off the bill counter. Remove the jammed bills by manually turning the wheels or the rollers. Keenly look into the bill counter if there is a foreign object in the system like the rubber bands and the paper clips. If there is any object in the unit, remove it and place the bills in the hopper to recount.

Royal Sovereign

This brand is another perfect product of the high-speed bill counter machine that comes with value counting. Keen reading of this manual with maximally assist you in fully understanding the Royal Sovereign before using it.

The Safety Instructions While Using the Loyal Sovereign

In utilizing the Royal Sovereign, the following are the most important safety instructions that are supposed to adhere to. While using this brand, follow this instruction or, rather, the safety precautions. The correct adherence allows for the maximum reduction of electric shock, fire, and injury.


Ensure that you use the cords of the power that comes with the machine. Ensure that you plug this cord of the power correctly on the grounded outlet on the wall.

Avoid using the machine if the cord of the power is in lousy condition or damaged.

Place the machine away from the aerosols, water, or any other liquids.

Minimize the level or the chances of taking the machine apart. If the device requires repair or maintenance, look for a qualified or well-reputed technician for the service repair. You can also the Royal Sovereign customer care services.

If you want to unplug the cord of the power outlet’s power, grip the plug firmly and then pull it out gently.

Do not bend the power cord excessively and place objects on the device, whether light or heavy.

If you want to dust the machine using the brush:

  1. Unplug the device from the power cord on the wall.
  2. Minimize the use of aerosol cleaners, water, or any other liquids.
  3. Use a soft bristle brush to avoid any particles of paper or dirt and dust particles that stick on the light transmitter or light receiving sensors.

Please avoid using this machine in places that expose it to high levels of temperatures, intense rays of the sun, either a high humidity level. These factors lead to the malfunctioning of the machine or failing to work.

If the bill counter not used for an extended period, unplug the power cord from the power cord

For the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the bill counter, the range of the power must range between or rather around the volt of the one hundred and ten.

The Box Content of the Royal Sovereign Bill Counter

These empty the main box of the content you come across in the Royal sovereign brands of bill counter machines.

  1. Power cords
  2. Bill Counter
  3. The external display
Size of Carton  595 x 340 x 225 mm (2pcs)
N.weight 11 KG (2pcs)
Counting Speed 1000 notes/min
Feed System Roller Friction System
Hopper Capacity Approx 200 notes
Stack Capacity Approx 200 notes
Power Supply AC 220 ± 10% ,50HZ

AC 120 ± 10% ,60HZ

Detection With UV/ MG /

detection IR(Double note) detection


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Bill Counter Machine

The view of the royal sovereign

The following are the visible parts of this bill counter, especially on the front part of the royal sovereign.

  • Hopper
  • Bill receiving vanes
  • Stacker
  • Carrying handle
  • Control panel
  • The external panel

A Brief Start Guide of the Bill Counter

Plug the power cord or the cable on the back of the unit and the wall power outlet or the power socket. Flip the power switch to the power at the back of the bill counter. The machine goes through self-diagnostic tests that ensure the accurate counting of the bills. To make sure that this device is ready for use, the wheel used in counting spins several. Suppose the machine has completed the self-test procedures, and runs a ‘0’ display of the device, indicating that the device is adequate. Place the intended bunch of money on the hopper, and then the bill counter automatically starts the process of counting. The main parts that are used at this point are the power switch, and power socket. Printer port, external display port, and the bill thickness adjuster

The control panel of this bill counter machine

1. Counterfeit detection by pressing on CF key.

To activate the detection features on the genuineness of the counterfeit money, press the; CF button on the device. If the bill counter detects the suspected note, it gives a beep sound and then stops counting, and thus an error code appears on the screen. The bill counter does not proceed until the suspected bill is removed for inspection

a. The ultraviolet detection of the counterfeit UV

The detection based on ultraviolet detection looks for the suspected bill using the bleached or white paper

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b. The magnetic detection of the counterfeit MAG

The detector of the magnetism looks for the components of the magnetism standard on the original bills.

c. The infrared detection of the counterfeit IR

An infrared detector looks for the chances and the possibilities of the half note or the double bills and determines the width of the banknote.

d. Dimensional detection DD

The dimensions detector usually measures the width of every bill’s center, thus determining the sizes of the bills that typically look odd compared to the genuine bills.

2. Setting of the detection features of the magnetic MAG, ultraviolet UV, infrared IR, and the dimensional DD

Turn either on or off the magnetic MAG and the ultraviolet UV detection setting. Continue pressing the CF button until you achieve the desired location.

Turn either on or offsetting the infrared setting and then long-press on the CLEAR button

Turn either on or off dimensional DD setting through long pressing on the CF button

3. REPORT Button

Select the REPORT button to assist in the view of the counting records. Ensure that you hold the REPORT button. This facilitates the view of the total amount of the values and the bills on each denomination and the total. If you desire to exit this screen, press the CLEAR button.

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4. PRINT Button

If you want to use the print function, you require a brand of the Royal sovereign two hundred and thirty-two interfaces that are not included in most cases. For you to print, make sure you are on the report screen. Ensure that you press the PRINT button to publish the report.

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The royal sovereign operation

The following is a simple overview of this and the related bill counter machines

1. Consider Attaching The Power Cable to the Back Part Of The Device. Plug It To The Outlet Of The Three Prong And Then Turn On The Switch.

  • The unit usually conducts a quick and automatic process of self-diagnosis for the accuracy of the counts.
  • After about three or more seconds of the wheel spinning, the device that there is nothing by displaying the letter zero on the screen.
  • If there is a problem after the spinning of the wheels, the preset indicates the error code on the display of the screen.

2. Before The Bill Counter Machine Starts To Count, Determine The Counting Setting Related To The Counting Requirements.

The manual and the auto start modes

The presetting of the machine allows for the automatic starting of the bills counting while placed on the hopper. If you want to change from the automatic mode to the manually start mode, just press the button indicated M/A. Place the bills on the hopper, then press the START button. However, if you want to change from the manual to the automatic mode of counting, press the M/A button again.

Add mode

The mode of the add displays the accumulated total number of the bills that count. Pressing on the ADD button allows for the activation of the ADD mode on the device. This mode facilitates the continuous addition of the bill as placed on the bill counter. It best applies if you need to know the exact total number of the bill that you currently hold or have at hand.

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Batch mode

The machine usually presets to the normal process of counting. If you desire to count the bills that are in batches, press the BATCH button. Bills are usually preset on the one hundred bills per batch. To change the bills, press on the desired number of bills range one to nine hundred and ninety-nine using the keyboard. Press the BATCH button again to reset or clear the screen. To customize the quantity, press the batch quantity like the letter five followed by the letter zero if you want to enter fifty. The number fifty is displayed on the control panel.

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Counterfeit detection

If you want to turn either on or off the counterfeit detection features on the bill-counting machines, consider pressing the CF button. If the unit detects a suspicious note, the device allows for the collection of the note by stopping the process of the counting process. The display of the error code follows this. If you remove the rejected bill, press the START button to continue the counting function. The operation of the product continues through the same procedure of the operation. In the process of the bill, counter operation the following should adhere to for the maximum utilization and then improvement of the efficiency of the device.

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Time and the date of the setting

It is essential to consider setting the time and the date on the bill counter machine to keep or remain updated among the many advantages of the updates. The following section is aimed at guiding you in the process of updating the bill counter machine.

  • On the panel of the controlled press, then hold the ADD button. This leads to the flash of the cursor button over time and the date settings. The display screen usually indicates the year, month, day, hour, and minute in that order.
  • Press the letter one button by moving to the left side of the device. If you want to move to the right side of the bill counter machine, press on the letter seven
  • Move the critical cursor toward the position that suits you best or is worth moving, then press the ADD button. If, for example, you want to change the year indicated on the bill counter, make sure that the cursor flashes over the year. Take, for instance, if you are going to set the year two thousand and twenty-one, press either one or seven on the panel of the control until two thousand and twenty-one appears on the screen or is shown. For the next step, press the ADD button to make sure that the year is effectively set.
  • Ensure that the previous step of the year, month, day, and minute in that order is achieved, as you desire it to appear on display. If you complete the process effectively, make sure that you press the START button to save the set time and the date and then exit.

Value counting process in the bill counter

The bill counter machine will automatically total the bill number by denomination. This is followed by computing the by the denomination and then provide for the total. Each of the sects has to count separately. Therefore, to operate the bill counter, press the ADD button. Use the keypad to place the denomination you intend to count, ranging between one and one hundred dollars. If that denomination completes passing into the stacker, press on the next denomination. It would be best if you had the bill counter to operate. Suppose the counting of this denomination completed and set the next one in the same process until the entire money count. Press on the REPORT button to view the total number of the bills and the respective denomination value of the grand title.

For the single denomination counting on the bill counter machine, consider the desired denomination for counting using the keypad of the numeric denomination. Then, place the bills on the hopper. The total number of the denomination value and the bills indicates on the display screen after counting the bills. The multi-denominational value counting achieves by pressing the ADD button. Choose the value you desire the bill counter machine to count for the denomination or the numeric keypad. Place bill that requires counting in the hopper. Consider the denomination that you choose to count as you repeat the above process of the settings on the bill counter machine. After all, of the denomination count according to the method you desired it to be, press on the PRESS button, the number of the bills, the value of every denomination, the total indicated on the display screen. Exit the value-counting screen by pressing the CF.

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Place another bunch of the bill on the hopper to begin the process of counting. The above procedure of bill counting follows this. In the operation process of the royal sovereign, in some points, there is a chance that leads to the occurrence, reasons of the error, and the recommended solutions. In one way or the other, an error code appears when the bill damaged, leading to the slow running of the bill counter. This caused by the hopper tension being very tight. Therefore, loosen the pressure by turning the thickness adjuster. This adjuster locates at the back of the bill counter and moves in the clockwise direction.

On the other occasion, an error occurs with the rejection of the bill from the device; thus, the device indicates the miscount. This error caused by the hopper tension being very loose. Therefore, determine a little bit loosening on the by turning to the clockwise direction. The adjuster locates at the back of the bill counter machine. Repeat the process of the bill counting as you look at the function of the operation until the problem ceases from occurring.

Adjusting the Counting Levels and the Sensitivity

The bill counter aimed at setting the recommended settings for the sensitivity and counting. However, you might opt to change the background of the bill counter, do it according to the following instructions. You have to long-press on the BATCH and look for the grounds you desire to operate in this change on the current one.

  • The gear CS-01 used for the ultraviolet detection is set on the default number five, ranging from letter zero to nine. This shows that the higher number of the higher level of sensitivity, and the lowest number have the lowest sensitivity. If the setting is zero, it means that the gear turned off.
  • For the gear on the CS-02 used on magnetic sensitivity with a five-default number, it has the data range between zero and nine. Therefore as mentioned earlier, the higher the number, the higher the level of the sensitivity, but if the gear is set at zero, it means that it is off.
  • For the gear CS-03 used on the double note detection, set the default number four on the data ranging between zero and nine. This shows the highest number with the highest sensitivity level and the lowest with the lowest sensitivity. If the number indicated on the screen is zero, then the device is off.
  • For the gear that indicates the CS-04 used to measure the width size on the default number four, the range of the data on the standard cases is between zero and nine. On the inspection of the number that indicates on the screen, the highest indicates the high level of sensitivity. This sensitivity lowers with the decreased number on the gear, but if it suggests the letter zero, the gear is off.
  • Either the gear that indicates CS-05 used to determine the manual or the auto mode of the counting. Therefore, press on the range of the data between zero and one. If the gear indicates zero, it means that it is on the auto mode, while if it shows one, it is on the manual way.
  • For the gear that indicates the CS-06 used on the count of the fake note or the number of the count’s sets on the default number zero with the range of the data between zero and one. The zero letters indicate that the gear does not count the suspected notes on the count, while one suggests that the alleged message depends on the counting process.

The following are the display of the error code and the possible solutions

In many cases, there is the possibility of errors in the process of the operation of the bill counter. However, each error has possible causes and the appropriate or applicable way of dealing with it. Read the following part keenly to gain proper equipment on the process of dealing with the same.

  • The error code A indicates that the ultraviolet suspects the banknote.
  • The error code B indicates that the magnetic detectors suspect the banknotes.
  • The error that indicates the error code C suggests that the chain note or the double note error.
  • If the error code indicates the error D, then there is a dimensional detection on the suspected note due to the width of the bill.
  • If the error code indicates F, then there is an occurrence of the half note error.

Therefore, remove all the bills from the stacker to the hopper and allow the recounting process. The procedure applies to resolving the error codes A, B, C, D, and F. the suspected bill is not added to the counted amount; thus, effectiveness is achieved.

  • If the error code indicates the E01 or the E02, there is an error with the counting sensors.
  • If the error code indicates the E03, the disc code sensors have some errors.
  • For the error code that indicates E04, it shows that the hopper sensor error.
  • If the error code indicates the E05, know that the stacker has errors.
  • If the device indicates the error code H, there is a hole in the older, dirty, and worn-out bills.

The error codes E01, E02, E03, and E04, E05, and H can be solved by removing all the cash from the device and then clean it keenly, especially around the sensors. After cleaning the sensors, return the bill to the hopper to recount. If the error persists, consider contacting the royal sovereign customer care to assist you in replacing the sensor.

NOTE if you have been encountering the above errors on your bill counter machine, determine the dust in the device. With the persistent levels of the error occurrence, call the customer care unit of the Royal Sovereign at zero one zero zero, three nine seven, one zero two five for the additional support and the replacement.

Maintenance Measure of the Bill Counter Machine

If you want to clean or dust, turn off the power switch and then disconnect the machine from the power cord. In the cleaning process, ensure that you tend all the sensors using a soft bristle machine to ensure no particle of the paper, dirt, or dust left sticking in the light receiver sensors orbs the light transmitters. Ensure that you clean the interior parts of the machine occasionally. To gain access to the internal features of the bill counter, lift the top cover of the machine cover after unplugging it. For the glass part of the detectors, use the soft piece of cloth damped on the alcohol.

According to the recommendations of the Royal Sovereign, you can get the best result from your bill counter machine by using the Royal Sovereign Cleaning Cards. The cards effectively remove the dust, dirt, and pieces of paper, oils, and other contaminants of the bill counter. The cards run on the device while still placing it like a bill in the hopper and then collecting it in the stacker. You need to adhere to using these cards after every ten cycles.


The warranty of the Royal Sovereign is limited to one year. According to the International Inc, the warranty of the Royal Sovereign assured of the one defects free and any other artistry. The extension of this warranty depends on the period. The cover of the contract to the bill counter machine only applies if the device properly maintained, properly installed, and operated properly according to the instructions prescribed by the manufacturer. The warranty never covers operation difficulties or failures. This is because of the normal wear and tear, abuse, accidents, alterations, misuse, improper installation, misapplication, or improper service and maintenance by the third party or your effort.

If you opt to return your product, you must have the Return Authorization Number for the bill counter to be accepted. If you do not have the Return Authorization Number, you can request one by visiting their site at The buyer or the purchaser caters for the transportation for the repair and the damaged bill counter machine. You need to return the dysfunctional bill counter in the original packaging to the relevant address. The Royal Sovereign needs genuine proof of the date of the purchase from the authorized distributor or the dealer. In that case, you need to preserve the invoice, receipt, the original, and the canceled check, if any, properly. However, the warranty period limits according to the replacement or repair of the parts that prove defective under the regular or normal operation of the bill counter machine within the warranty period.

NOTE Royal Sovereign and its affiliated companies never allow for the liability to the purchaser or any other third party for the indirect, special, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages. However, most bill counters never allow for the significant or the unexpected; thus, the above limitation and the inclusion may not apply to your device.

Other examples on the bill counters allow for a wide range of making choices. The following list is composed of the different types of bill counters machines that are equally important. Therefore, this work intends to widen your decision-making process by giving you a variety of choices. Investing in the money counter machine is essential for the person who holds much wide cash to ease the burden of the sorting and counting process. The bill counter machine improves the counting speed and eliminates the errors made through the manual methods. Depending on the quality and the type of bill counter machine you purchase, they differ in the operation process s. Some of them differentiate between different denominations and add the values, while the others come with the detection of the counterfeit bill.

G- Star Technology Bill Counting Machine with the Ultraviolet UV, Magnetic MG, and the Infrared IR Counterfeit Detection

The brand can work continuously for more than two hours at the speed of a thousand bills in a minute, ideal for most of the needs. The bill counter works quietly along with the ultraviolet and the magnetic sensors for the counterfeit detection property. The bills can fed on either the rear or the front, assuring great accuracy and convenience. The detection of counterfeit is very high, along with the reliable count of the final bill. Therefore, with this bill counter, you assured of the accurate result without incorporating the counterfeit bills. If the device rejected the counterfeit bills, it stops automatically until the user removes the vetoed bill.

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The Main Features

  • The low level of the energy consumption on the highest efficiency level
  • Works on the fast and robust for as long as two hours continuously without overheating
  • Offer a quiet platform of the operation for the low and minimal noises in the environment
  • Allows for the precise and accurate counting process with no slippage of the counterfeit notes


  • The in-built detection of the counterfeit money
  • Has the incorporation of the magnetic and the ultraviolet detection for quiet counting platform and higher accuracy.
  • Offer varied directions of the loading of the bills to improve on the accuracy
  • Reads quickly on the LED display


  • This bill counters only count the bills and not the denominations.

Kolibri ACE Bill Counter Machine

The Kolibri Ace Bill Counter machine is a highly complex device yet offers an easy platform. It assists in saving your time and reduces any occurrences of errors. It is swift and precise in counting bills stacks at speed higher than one thousand five hundred bills per minute. All of the complications that the bill counter comes with incorporate the features capable of reducing the slippage of the counterfeit bills. These include the magnetic and the ultraviolet inks. In detecting the fake or the suspicious accounts, the counting process stops, and the bill counter makes the beep sound to alert the user to the presence of the counterfeit. It does not proceed with the operation of the counting until the suspicious bill removed. This process, therefore, assures the users of the efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness of the bill counter machine.

Safety Precautions

Avoid using a bill counter in places that expose it to aerosols, water, or any other liquid.

Before you start cleaning it, unplug it from the source of the power. In cleaning the bill counter, use a soft, damp cloth dipped in the alcohol or the prescribed air duster.

To avoid the chances of electrical shocks, do not disassemble any unit. If it dispersed, it leads the user to exposure to some dangerous voltages and some significant risks related to the electricity. If the Kolibri Ace Bill Counter reassembles in the incorrect process, there might be chances of the electrical shocks on the subsequent use of the bill counter machine.

Ensure that whenever you need to use this device, the power sockets or cords first switch on. Make sure that these cords plug correctly on the reliable grounding outlets. Avoid removing the ground pins from the power cords. Improper grounding leads to fire or severe injuries, or even massive destruction of the properties in the extreme points. Always place the bill counter on the flat surface, whether in operation or at rest.

Minimize operating the bill counter on the highly humid areas, direct rays of the sunshine, extreme temperatures, or the smoky areas as the bill counter-performance impeded by the conditions. According to the design of the Kolibri Ace, it best operates indoor in a well-ventilated and aerated environment. While not in use for extended periods, unplug the device from the power source on the outlet of the power.

Getting Started On the Bill Counter Machine

1. The Power Up

While powering the bill counter, ensure that the hopper and the stacker are empty. Switch on the power switch on the rear part of the bill counter in the top position. In less than five minutes, the device conducts a self-assessment where it spins on the counter wheel a few continuous times.

2. Loading the Hopper

For the minimal occurrence of the jams, ensure the proper high speed on the process of the operation of the machine adhered to. Make sure that you adjust the size of the hopper according to the currency you intend to count. For the smooth feeding of the bills and thus runs in much easiest way possible. Ensure that the tabs placed on the hopper arranges in good order or correctly facing the same direction.

Importance of The Bill Counter Machines

Most of the business prefer using the bill counter machines in the register of the cash, recording the number of the sales and the company’s transactions. According to your preferred bill counter, you can use the bill counter for more than ten years before replacing it. The durability of the bill counter depends on the care and the maintenance of the machine. Despite the bill counters having both advantages and disadvantages, manufacturers offer a wide variety of devices that facilitate your decision-making depending on the price and the quality of the bill counter.

Bill counter machine facilitates for the fast and accurate counter as they track on the customer transactions. They are the most effective methods of record-keeping compared to the manual techniques on the documents. They come on the easy-to-operate features like the keypad/board, printer, and display section. The low costing bill counters also allow for the change calculation, sales recordings, printing of the customer’s receipts, and the price look-up. Therefore, if you do not have sufficient money to purchase the complex device, it is possible to get a bill counter that meets your financial requirements on your company’s transactions.

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