Coin Sorter

FEELTECK FT-C10 is the most intelligent and reliable coin sorter which applies optical inspection and uses image processing technology to recognize bills and to discriminate denominations.

Coin Sorter

Model: FT-C10

Software applied to:
EURO, USD, SOUTH AFRICA, TURKEY(TL), RUSSIA(RUB), Swaziland, Saudi Arabia, THAILAND, LESOTHO, MALAWI, SIERRA, LEONE, RMB, GBP, Switzerland, ARGENTINA, BURUNDI, INDIA, UKRAIN, Ghana, MEXICO, Namibia, Brazil, Peru, Costarica, JP$, Columbia, Moroccan Dirham, XAF, CANADA, TAIWAN, Australia, Venezuela, Burma, Singapore, CZK, Swedish, Norwegian.


High-speed price electric coin counter money counting machine.
This is used for banks, supermarkets, subway stations, buses, amusement places,s and so on.
It has a beautiful appearance, easy operation, stable function, high-speed counting function, distinguishing function, preset function, and addition function, and can suit all kinds of currency.

Capacity 1000-2000PCS
Count Speed <1500pcs/m
Coin Size Thickness 0.8-3.5mm
Diameter 15-35mm
Counting Display Place LED:
Preset Range 1-9999
Power 65W
Electrical 220V/50HZ 110V/60HZ
Machine Size 400mmx230mmx360mm
Package Size 450mmx310mmx270mm
GW 10kg

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