• FT-2060
  • FT-2060
  • FT-2060
  • FT-2060
  • FT-2060
  • FT-2060
  • FT-2060
  • FT-2060

FT-2060 Money Counters

FT-2060B with clear LCD displaywhich will change to RED color when Alarm,so when the machine Alarm will have sound and display Alarm so that the user can easily note it.

1.With MG detection(optional) -With UV detection(optional)
2.splay Change RED when Alarm -With double-/half-/chain-note detection -With batch/add functions

Automatic Detection Function

Our FT-2060 is equipped with advanced counterfeit detection methods including:

  • UV
  • MG
  • MT
  • IR
  • DD

It can also detect half-notes, double-note, and chain-note.

Automatic Detection Function
Main Advantages

Main Advantages

  • Automatic start/stop/clear function
  • Add and Batch counting mode
  • Self-examination function
  • Alarm system when detects a fake note
  • Provides total value calculation
  • Software updated through USB port
  • Suitable for different currencies around the world

Hopper Capacity 200 Bills
Stacker Capacity 200 Bills
Counting Speed Up to 1,000 Bills per Minute
Size Of Countable Bills 50mm x 110mm ~ 90mm x 170mm
Thickness of Countable Bills 0.075mm ~ 0.15mm
Counting Display 4 digits
Power Consumption 80W
Dimension 225mm x 225mm x 135mm

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Also, you can train in our factory Support files and videos for training are available Also, we keep improving the software for free with the machine's lifetime
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