• FT-2100
  • FT-2100
  • FT-2100
  • FT-2100
  • FT-2100
  • FT-2100
  • FT-2100
  • FT-2100

FT-2100 Money Counting

  • With MG detection(optional) -With UV detection(optional)
  • With double-/half-/chain-note detection
  • Suitable for most of the currency in the world -Automatic start/stop/cleaning -With batch/add functions -Low noise with counting
  • Double-note detection
  • Chain-note detection
  • Half-note detection
  • Jammed bills detection
  • Hopper jam
  • Short count
  • Open door
  • Note in stacker

With a wide range of options and features, our FT-2100 can surely meet your requirements when it comes to productivity and performance. Feelteck FT-2100 is specifically designed to handle demanding cash-counting applications requiring high reliability.

These machines are capable of counting banknotes up to 1500 per minute. It is integrated with an intelligent processing function, reducing the risk of human error. Thus, assuring you to save time while maintaining a 100% accuracy in counting.

FT-2100 is also manufactured with a compact structure. Its portability makes the machine easy to carry from one workstation to another.

Equipped with Counterfeit Detection

To ensure the authenticity of your bills, we have designed FT-2100 with advanced counterfeit detection using the following method:

  • Ultraviolet (UV)
  • Magnetic (MG)
Equipped with Counterfeit Detection
Key Functions

Key Functions

  • Manual/Auto Sort
  • Selectable Speed
  • Large Count and Batch Display
  • Carrying handle
  • Density Setting
  • Accumulation Model
  • Clear Key
  • Large Capacity Output Stacker

Counting Speed Selectable from 600, 1200, 1500 notes per minute
Hopper Capacity 600 pcs
Stacker Capacity 150 pcs
Batching 1 to 999
Countable Note Size 50mm x 90mm ~ 100mm x 185mm
Dimension 255mm (H) x 280mm (W) x 230mm (D)

Grow Your Business With Feelteck

Also, you can train in our factory Support files and videos for training are available Also, we keep improving the software for free with the machine's lifetime
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