• FT-500B
  • FT-500B
  • FT-500B
  • FT-500B
  • FT-500B
  • FT-500B
  • FT-500B
  • FT-500B

FT-500B Denomination Mixed Money Counter

  • Equipped with 6 counting modes for an increased efficiency
  • Value counting including total count and view denominations
  • Superior feeding system ensuring accurate counting
  • Variety of counterfeit detection
  • Comes with 2-year warranty
  • Lifetime software update support

Feelteck FT-500B denomination mixed money counter can be used to count bills in a variety of denominations. This machine ensures fast counting while maintaining accuracy. It is also designed with counterfeit detection methods to ensure that you can identify fake bills and save your business from failure. Whether you own a small or large business requiring you to count a large amount of money, Feelteck FT-500B mixed denomination money counter machine is your best choice. Send us your inquiries today!

Increase Your Efficiency with 6 Counting Mode Machine

  1. Mix Mode. This function can calculate both the total value and quantity of each currency.
  2. SDC Mode. It allows the sorting of mixed denomination notes.
  3. Multi-Mode. This mode allows the machine to calculate the amount and count the quantity of the mixed currencies.
  4. Auto Mode. It automatically sorts mixed currency banknotes.
  5. Batch Mode. In this mode, you can process banknotes to be counted by batch.
  6. Accumulation Mode. It keeps the machine to count the number of bills added in a batch.
Increase Your Efficiency with 6 Counting Mode Machine
Supports Multiple Denomination

Supports Multiple Denomination

  • This machine can simultaneously count different currencies including MXN, CAD, EURO, and USD.
  • It can provide a comprehensive quantity and value breakdown of the money by denomination.
  • Value and quantity results can be printed to monitor the accuracy.

Equipped with 6 Anti-Counterfeit Detection

Safeguard your business by preventing fake bills from entering your business with 6 counterfeit detection methods of our machine:

  • Infrared Reflection
  • Dimension Detection
  • RGB Light
  • Infrared Transmission
  • Ultraviolet Detection
  • Magnetic Detection
Equipped with 6 Anti-Counterfeit Detection
Reliable Money Counting Solution from Feelteck

Reliable Money Counting Solution from Feelteck

  • Fully opened back cover for easy access during maintenance
  • Prevents flying or jammed bills
  • Up to 50 million pieces of banknote counting
  • Equipped with friction-nudge rubber roller
  • Smooth counting
  • Excellent feeding system

Technical Details
Hopper Capacity 600pcs
Stacker Capacity 200pcs
Currency Support Capacity 4 currencies
Display Color TFT-LCD (3.5 inch),Touch Screen
Suitable Note Size Length: 100mm~175mm
Width: 50mm~90mm
Suitable Note Thickness  0.05mm~0.12mm
Speed (pcs / min) 800,1000,1200 (SDC & MIX mode)
1500(CNT mode)
What currencies does this money counter model supports?

Currently, our FT-500B supports 4 main currencies including USD, EURO, CAD, and MXN. If you’re currency is not included in the list, you don’t have to worry since we are already developing other 4 currencies and we are willing to help upgrade the machine’s software for free.

Does your FT-500B model sorts mixed bill denominations?

Yes. It is integrated with SDC mode that allows the machine to sort and count the first denomination it detected. It will stop and remind you if it recognized another denomination.

Do you support machine software upgrade if there is a new bill released?

Yes, and it is for free.

What is the hopper capacity of your FT-500B?

The hopper capacity of this machine can hold up to 600 pieces of banknotes.

Can I connect this machine to the computer to monitor each transaction?

Yes, our FT-500B machine can be connected to the computer. Please contact us for PC software and instruction.

Does it come with a printer?

Unfortunately, no. Printers are sold separately.

Grow Your Business With Feelteck

Also, you can train in our factory Support files and videos for training are available Also, we keep improving the software for free with the machine's lifetime
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