• FT-B500
  • FT-B500
  • FT-B500
  • FT-B500
  • FT-B500
  • FT-B500
  • FT-B500
  • FT-B500

FT-B500 Automatic Smart Currency Binding Machine

Feelteck offers FT-B500 automatic smart currency binding machines that are suitable for bundling book tickets, gift certificates, coupons, bills, and more.

These machines are fully automatic, allowing you to save your time while increasing your business productivity and efficiency.

With user-friendly controls, rest assured that our automatic smart currency binding machines can provide versatility for different industry settings.

Automatic Binding

After turning on the machine, you can insert a bundle of coupons, cash, or gift certificates. The machine will bundle them together automatically.


This machine can bundle bills or coupons in just a matter of seconds, allowing you to save time and labor costs while increasing efficiency.

Easy to Use

Our FT-B500 is ready-to-use and does not require prior heating. It has a user-friendly button for simple operation. These are also designed with adjustable rotary buttons depending on bundled item length.

LCD Display

Through this display screen, you can read the operating temperature, bundle number, and status of the machine.


We provide FT-B500 for different application settings such as hotels, small enterprises, spot sales events, temporary stores, restaurants, banks, and more. Bundling tasks can be performed easily and accurately without spending too much on labor.

Model FT-B500
Speed 2 seconds per bundle
Width of Paper Tape 20 to 40mm
Binding Position 25 to 85mm
Power Supply AC100V-240V
Power Consumption 50W Max.
Working Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Dimension 27x22x22.5cm

Grow Your Business With Feelteck

Also, you can train in our factory Support files and videos for training are available Also, we keep improving the software for free with the machine's lifetime
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