How Bill Counterfeit Machine Works

Bill counterfeit machine analyzes and detects any forged or fake currency in form of banknotes. This machine uses various ways to ascertain the various physical security traits on the currencies to confirm their authenticity.

Working Principle of Bill Counterfeit Detection Machine

Bill Counterfeit Machine
Bill Counterfeit Machine

A Bill Counterfeit Machine employs various advanced techniques either individually or in combination to authenticate currency bills. Here are some of the most common techniques it applies:

Infrared Sensors (IR)

When money is being minted, there is a certain special dye they use a security feature. When exposed to an infrared light, a very distinct infrared signature emanates from the currency.

There are two distinct infrared inks that currency minters employ. The first one glows by reflecting the infrared light while the second one turns black upon absorbing the infrared light.

The Bill Counterfeit Detector has a database that contains the signature infrared symbols. It will compare the mitted signature with what is in its database and verify its authenticity.

Additionally, the infrared sensors can be used in detect another security feature called the watermark.  This feature is usually placed in genuine bills and is visible when held against an infrared light.

Bill Counterfeit Machine Parts
Bill Counterfeit Machine Parts

Ultraviolet Light (UV)

Genuine currency notes have a security strip embedded in them. The Bill Counterfeit Machine uses Ultraviolet Light to detect the presence of such strips in the notes.

These notes contain concealed patterns and they can be visible under ultraviolet light. Some also have concealed colors that change under UV therefore you can easily differentiate them from the counterfeit bills.

Magnetic Sensors

Magnetic Ink is a very common type of security feature that is widely used in legal banknotes. The work of the magnetic sensors is to detect the presence of minute elements of iron oxide that is present in the magnetic ink.

Once you place your currency on the Bill Counterfeit Machine, it activates the magnetic ink. An electric signal is produced by the magnetic signal that is used by the machine for analysis and authentication.

The machine then compares it with the signal of a genuine note that is contained in its database. From this, it will confirm whether the currency is a counterfeit or genuine.


The technology of bill counterfeit detector machines is constantly improving to get more accurate and highly sensitive machines. Ideally, this aims to improve efficiency and reliability of the machines.

Remember, a bill counterfeit machine is really useful when handling large quantities of dollars. Therefore, you must buy these machines from reliable suppliers.

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