Money Detector

Money Detector

Model: FT-D80

1. Fluorescent mark discerning, watermark discerning
2. Ultraviolet discerning with voice counterfeit warning
3. Auto start for any detecting function
4. Magnetic printing oil discerning
5. Optional lighting magnifying lens to observe micro printing of the banknote
6. One-button design, easy to operate


  • Main function: Detect counterfeit banknotes
  • ID card and bills UV detection
  • Magnify glass, White light
  • 9W UV lamp,3*5MM White light
  • Qty/CTN: 30pcs/CTN
  • Weight: 0.5kg
  • Product size: 185×120×130 mm
  • Power supply: 110V or 220V, AC50/60Hz
  • Size of Carton: 66.5*39.5*44CM

  • Banknote Value Counter
    Banknote Value Counter
  • Mixed Value Counting Machine
    Mixed Value Counting Machine
  • Money Counter Online
    Money Counter Online
  • Bill Value Counter
    Bill Value Counter

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