Money Sorter Counter Machine

Money Sorter Counter Machine

FEELTECK FT-900 is the are the most intelligent and reliable banknote sorter which apply optical inspection and use image processing technology to recognize bills and to discriminate denominations.

Money Sorter Counter Machine

Model: FT-900

Software applied to :
EURO, USD, SOUTH AFRICA, TURKEY(TL), RUSSIA(RUB), Swaziland, Saudi Arabia, THAILAND, LESOTHO, MALAWI, SIERRA, LEONE, RMB, GBP, Switzerland, ARGENTINA, BURUNDI, INDIA, UKRAINE, Ghana, MEXICO, Namibia , Brazil, Peru, Costarica, JP$, Columbia, Moroccan Dirham, XAF, CANADA, TAIWAN, Australia, Venezuela, Burma, Singapore, CZK, Swedish, Norwegian.


  • With two CIS image including IR detection
  • No-stop Counting with Reject Packet
  • Value counter by image sensor
  • technology can recognize up to 3 currencies
  • Mixed Denomination Counting Note Counter
  • Authenticating function strengthened by IR/UV/MG
  • Face and Orients banknotes
  • improved feeding Mechanism easy jam removal
  • low noise with counting
G.Weight Approx.18kg
N.Weight Approx.15Kg
Counting Speed 1000 notes/min(SDC and CNT MODE)
Counting Speed 800 notes/min(MDC MODE)
Size of Countable Notes Minimum 110*60mm/

Maximum 190*90mm/

Thickness 0.08 – 0.12mm

Feed System Roller Friction System
Hopper Capacity Approx.800notes
Stack Capacity Approx.200notes
Reject Stacker Capacity Approx.100notes
Power Supply AC 100- 240 + 10% ,50/60HZ

Maximum 1.8A Idling 0.2 A 120W

Usage Environment Temperature 0℃ -35℃ (operating)/-10℃ – 60℃ (stock)

Humidity 20%-90% (no condensation)

Interface PC Terminal Interface (RS-232C)/External display Interface(RS-232C) USB 2.0 Interface

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