Why Are Most Laundromats Still Coin Operated?

Technological advancements have revolutionized human life in recent years. For instance, cashless payment systems have retired coins and banknotes. Despite all these handy innovations, coin-operated laundromats continue to thrive.

Evolution of Laundromats Over the Years

In the recent past, laundromats have been a common sighting. For individuals lacking residential laundry facilities, laundromats provide an economical and convenient alternative.

However, these modern machines have come a long way to become the indispensable equipment they are today. In the past, laundry could only be cleaned using hands. Washing machines were invented and adopted in the 20th century.

Coin Operated Laundromats
Coin Operated Laundromats

It is reported that the first laundromat set up in the USA was opened in 1934 and it was coin-operated.

In the 1950s (after the Second World War), coin laundromats advanced their services to include washing, drying, ironing, and folding. By the 1980’s, laundromats were essentially self-service and this saw the end of laundromat attendants.

Beyond the 1990’s, laundromats incorporated digital payment options, which are still in use up to date. Additionally, an increase in residential washing machines was recorded.

However, despite all these technological innovations, the coin-operated laundromat still stands out. This is because it is reliable, convenient, and cost-efficient.

Why Coin-Operated Laundromats are Still Prominent Today

Since the 1950’s, coin-operated laundromats have grown in prominence profoundly.

Even the emergence of technologies such as cashless payments has been unable to retire these convenient facilities.

Today, coin laundromats occupy a specific market niche, targeting individuals with no residential washing machines. Here are the main reasons why coin-operated laundry machines continue to prosper in modern society.

· Economically Viable

Procuring an automatic washing machine requires one to dig deep into their pockets. It also requires adequate spacing, which, in today’s world, especially in urban areas is not readily available.

This explains why quite a considerable number of families and individuals still prefer to use coin-operated laundromats. By utilizing a laundromat, one foregoes the costs of investing and maintaining a personal laundry machine.

· Convenience

Coin-operated laundromats are essentially self-service enterprises. Customers can visit the laundromat at their convenience, and do their laundry as they please.

Besides, they do not have to observe rigid business hours or queue for hours to access the laundry services. This makes coin laundromats quite the convenient option for people living in apartments or houses with no installed washing machines.

· Customer Satisfaction

The contemporary coin laundromat bears a number of improvements that distinguish it from conventional laundromats. These improvements have greatly elevated customer satisfaction, explaining why laundromats are still a common sighting across the globe.

Today’s laundromats’ are endowed with washing and drying machines of different sizes, seating areas, and internet access. They have also heightened customer service to ensure clients have the ultimate customer experience.

· Resistance to Change

Certain demographics in society are not that welcoming to change and this is one of the reasons that explain the enduring prominence of coin-operated laundromats.

For many customers who have grown accustomed to coin laundromats, adopting other laundry options can be difficult. Additionally, some people are quite skeptical about laundry shops utilizing cashless payment systems hence they prefer the coin-operated laundromats.

· Technological Hurdles

At present, the laundry industry is awash with distinct technologies ranging from automatic detergent dispensers to cashless payment systems. For certain demographics, transitioning to these modern technologies can be difficult.

Additionally, owners of laundromats may find incorporating such technologies to be quite expensive. This explains why coin laundromats remain popular, especially for people unable to access cashless payment systems.

How to Operate Coin Laundromats

Coin laundromats still play a significant role in modern society by providing an economical way for persons lacking personal laundry machines with a convenient way to clean their laundry. This makes them an appealing business opportunity for business-minded individuals. Underneath is a guide demonstrating how to properly run a coin-operated laundromat.

Comply with All Applicable Regulatory Requirements

When opening a business, one must meet various regulatory requirements to be issued with a business permit. Coin-operated laundromats are no exception. For a coin laundromat, these requirements may include:

  • Health and safety requirements.
  • Coin-operated machine permit.
  • Laundromat insurance.
  • Business registration.

To understand all the regulatory requirements, one should engage the respective authorities and seek legal counsel.

Select Suitable Equipment

Coin-operated laundromats provide laundry services at a fee. As such, a vast array of laundry equipment is needed. When selecting the ideal equipment, it is essential to consider the expected customer turnout, the machines’ efficiency, and reliability. Some of the primary equipment necessitated include;

  • Automatic washing machines with varying load capacities.
  • Efficient dryers.
  • Detergent dispensers.
  • Coin vending machines.

Settle on a Fair Pricing Strategy

A pricing strategy takes into consideration the costs incurred in providing the laundry services, competition, demand, and equipment maintenance among others. For a coin-operated laundry store, the prices should be based on load size. Loyal customers can be offered loyalty discounts to encourage loyalty.

Laundromats Machines
Laundromats Machines

Offer Friendly Customer Service

Customer service is the key to the prosperity of most businesses and coin laundromats are no exception. Your customer service team as well as other staff should understand the essence of adequately addressing customer problems and maintaining a positive atmosphere.

Market the Coin Laundromat Sufficiently

Marketing sells your laundromat to your target audience. Employ effective marketing campaigns to popularize your business. Some of the marketing channels one can utilize today include:

  • Flyers and banners.
  • Social media platforms.
  • Referral rewards.
  • Loyalty programs.

Offer Additional Amenities

To beat off the competition, one can offer extra services and amenities to appease customers. For a coin-operated laundromat, these may include:

  • A seating area.
  • Free internet.
  • Folding tables.
  • Reading materials etc.

Advantages of Coin Laundromats

For years, coin-operated laundromats have been indispensable for many people across the globe. They offer a myriad of distinct advantages, which stretch beyond clean clothes and convenience. Here are the primary rewards enjoyed by users of coin laundromats:

More Cleaning Capacity

Coin-operated laundromats utilize commercial-grade laundry machines, which are relatively bigger than in-house washing machines.

Some laundry items like curtains and duvets may not fit in a typical residential washer but they can perfectly fit in a commercial-grade washer.

Additionally, the higher capacity of the laundromat washing machine means that one can clean multiple clothes at once. This economizes on energy, water, and detergents.

Extra Services like Ironing

Most people hate ironing and folding their clothes after laundry. In a bid to beat off competition and appease customers, most coin laundromats are now offering additional services such as ironing and folding. Although a small fee is charged for these services, they make the lives of clients easier.

More Sustainable

With millions of people lacking reliable access to clean water, it is important we employ efficient water usage practices. For coin laundromats, this includes investing in efficient washers. Laundromats also economize on energy given that they clean big loads of clothes simultaneously.

Maintenance Care for Coin Operated Laundromats

To run a profitable and successful coin-operated laundromat, one must take good care of the essential equipment and its surroundings. Here are a few maintenance tips that will help keep any laundromat running fluidly.

  • Clean the washing and drying equipment regularly.
  • Clean the room housing the equipment frequently.
  • Regularly service the laundry equipment. You can consult professionals to help with the scheduled servicing.
  • Ensure the laundromat is well-ventilated.

Predicting the Future of Coin-Operated Laundromats

Despite being a staple in the laundry industry for ages, coin-operated laundromats face an uncertain future.

These laundromats have continually adopted the latest technologies to elevate customer satisfaction and retain their significance in modern society.

However, with the invention of digital payment systems, are we about to witness the death of laundromats utilizing coin machines?

The answer is No.

This is because coin laundromats offer a range of indispensable advantages that make it hard to just toss them out of the window.

They still appeal to specific demographics that prefer the traditional payment method to digital methods. However, it is conceivable that in the coming years, the coin machines in laundromats may be substituted by cashless payment systems.


Starting a coin-operated Laundromat is still a profitable business. All you need is to comply with the necessary regulations and then buy a highly efficient and reliable Laundromat.

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