Why Counterfeit Pens Are Not Reliable

Counterfeit pens have become one big problem to solve in the economy. The advanced techniques counterfeiters use have made it harder to detect fake money.

Counterfeiter pens were introduced to the business market as a solution to help detect counterfeit money. The pens have not proven as reliable over time as they were intended to be.

What are Counterfeit Pens

These are devices designed with a special ink that determines whether a bill is fake or genuine. The detection of counterfeit money is known when a pen is drawn over a bill and the bill color changes.

Counterfeit Pens
Counterfeit Pens

How Do Counterfeit Pens Detect Fake Money

The counterfeit pen contains iodine as ink which will give results when used on a bill to determine if it’s genuine or not. When a line is drawn on the bill, it will react to detect the counterfeit.

The ink will only react to the fake money by leaving a mark on it while genuine money will remain the same or it will show a faint mark.

Limitation of Currency Counterfeit Pens

  • They are limited to detecting only one currency which is US dollars. This makes it not usable in currencies which have different ink and paper compositions.
  • The pen only provides a single test or pass of security. This means you have to use other means to achieve effective counterfeit money detection.
  • Counterfeit pens’ effectiveness relies on the user’s ability to use them properly and obtain accurate results.
  • It does not detect counterfeit bills that are produced with advanced techniques. As a result, it may lead to inaccurate results.
  • Pen may give false results to the currency that is damaged whether when the currency is fake or real
Counterfeit Pens
Counterfeit Pens


Counterfeit pens are generally not reliable for currency detection due to its disadvantages. Many businesses and banks usually need to use combination of different methods to achieve the accurate results.

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